TextPad the web app, the URL textpad.surge.sh, the code and it's author(me) are NOT in any way associated with TextPad — the text editor for Windows — it's products, business or authors.

I did NOT deliberately choose the name with the intent of deceiving users or in any manner take advantage of the success of the above mentioned software to otherwise promote or sell my web app.

My purpose when i built this app was for personal use, experimentation and to share the resulting code, the exposure it has gotten on social media and tech blogs has not been my doing.

It just happens that choosing names for side projects like these is sometimes the hardest part in all the process. TextPad seemed a good fit, and at the time i wasn't aware of other existing text editors(although not similar in function or form) with the same name.

Yours sincerely,
Paulo Nunes - Syndicatefx

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